As an industry expert with 25 years’ experience I’ve seen the ups and downs in a property market
where external factors can have a dramatic impact. Apart from the “normal” cycles of perceived
boom or bust, the current situation with covid-19 is an interesting one as it relates to property
markets as it’s actually delivering incredible opportunities for savvy investors who are not letting
short term reactive thinking impact their long term investment decisions.
I call it the covid-effect, and it is allowing me to secure insane deals for my clients that are giving
them a massive edge over others in the open market.
Property investment is a long-term strategy. By mitigating short term hurdles with care, insight,
experience and connections, genuine savings, value and benefits are being secured for our clients
who are choosing to take action.
In terms of property recommendations, I will always stick to a major metropolis – safe, stable and
predictable markets, because I don’t see the point in complicating things or taking on unnecessary
In my opinion, speculative markets (mining or tourism based), especially in today’s climate could
lead to financial ruin. In the areas we are recommending, rental markets are incredibly tight, in fact
we have zero vacancy across the entire portfolio of recommended properties.
We have identified outstanding deals in key growth corridors with strong indicators across
Population, Infrastructure and Employment (the 3 main drivers of the prime residential property
market) and through strong and trusted connections that can only be built up and nurtured through
the fullness of time, have negotiated incentives on deals which are delivering significant cash savings
for our clients.
In these strong areas that we identify and operate in, prices will not drop below what we have pre-
negotiated (with independent valuation support), and so to get exclusive developer paid incentives
adds massive value to the acquisition process, in some cases delivering immediate positive equity on
the day of settlement.
On the last H&L deal we did, we managed to save our client $40k in incentives and opportunistic
price discounting. No other purchaser in that estate got any discounting. That is real and tangible
cash, and immediate equity upside.
On other projects, we have negotiated valuation guarantees and a list of other incentives (free white
goods, first 12 months Body Corporate levies paid etc) which collectively save clients close to $10k.
In a “normal” market these incentives would not be offered by these quality developers, but in a day
when they need to create their own stimulus packages, we are securing incredible deals for our
So for us, as far as investing in property goes, the covid-effect is providing a rare opportunity to
secure quality properties with massive savings. We are encouraging clients to take action now,
because waiting 6 or 12 months could cost anywhere from 5% – 15% just on acquisition alone, not
including any positive capital value movements.
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