Research & DD

Our Founding Director has been working with the financial services sector for over 23 years’ providing market research and due diligence services to their clients who are interested in investing in Australian property. These companies range from small independent operators to institutional private banks, and everyone in between.

We take a macro and micro view and implement our DD checklist, which allow us to determine whether a property satisfies typical investment criteria and would be considered “investment grade”. We consider factors such as proximity to services, quality of developer/builder, quality of specification/fitout/inclusions, proximity to transport links and employment hubs, supply and demand, anticipated yield, growth and vacancy rates, localised infrastructure, proximity to transport links, demographics, accessibility and several other factors.

This prevents our clients from making bad decisions and de-risks the decision-making process. We save our clients time, money, and risk. Regardless of what you are looking for, or even if you are yet to begin your search and acquisition, we can assist.