About Us

Centaur Property Solutions is a dynamic real estate company that specialises in a broad range of disciplines including property management, strata management, buyers advocacy, market research, due diligence, and client property acquisition representation.

We offer an independent, premium suite of professional services that are tailored to the needs of our business partners and their clients to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved from every transaction.

We have a long history in domestic and international property markets, and a proven track record in using research to identify growth markets.

We have spent time and money to develop resources including our proprietary partner login which is designed to provide transparency and up to date client and market information. This also enables all involved to support our clients throughout their property investing life.

We believe education is power; the key to effective decision making, and we run regular low-key and relaxed education evenings for our clients both new and old, to ensure they are up to date on industry movements and market activity.

Our Services

We are industry experts with a long history in both domestic and international property markets.
We are a multi-disciplined property services company with operations across: