Portfolio Management

We are changing the way property management services are delivered and are market leaders in new-tech and operational prudence in this space. Our proprietary systems and procedures enhance returns for investors (via Centaur Advantage), ensure better communication between all parties and is unique in the marketplace. From the highest possible applicant scrutiny to regular rent reviews we ensure tenant defaults remain the lowest in the industry and investors returns stay at optimum levels.

Landlord Portal

Our user friendly Landlord Portal allows our landlords immediate access to their property’s information and status. From here they can see rental payment status, financial statements, when the next payment is due and how much it will be, scheduled payments which are due, repair updates, condition reports and other critical information. We also provide inspection reports, video and photos of routine inspection as they occur, live and in real time directly to our Landlords.

We also have a Tenant Portal so are tenants are aware of everything relating to their property. Information such as rental payments and when they are due, any repairs or maintenance that is scheduled, and a direct messaging service to us to ensure a speedy response to any requests.

Our unique interactive service empowers both our Landlords & Tenants and keeps them “in the picture” so both sides have an enjoyable experience.

Our Portfolio Managers

They are experts, undergo regular training, and take a financial view and responsibility of the entire portfolio and approach it as such, rather than just treating it as rent collection.

Regular communication between all parties ensure the ongoing management and performance of the properties under our management enjoy peak performance with no opportunity being missed.